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Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation whose landscape spans low-lying plains, the Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. Phnom Penh, its capital, is home to the art deco Central Market, glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum's historical and archaeological exhibits. In the countries northwest are the ruins of Angkor Wat, a massive stone temple complex built during the Khmer Empire.

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Angkor Wat rising majestically against the glowing embers of a new day, the creamy richness of the classic Khmer fish amok dish, and a riveting history spanning the golden age of the Khmer empire to French colonization and the bloody Khmer Rouge regime. Cambodia has risen from the flames to become one of Southeast Asia’s most exciting destinations, with plenty of cultural treasures and a delectable food heritage to offer. An Angkor Wat tour is a must in any Cambodia tour package and while the country is a backpacker’s dream, developments have also sprung up to make a Cambodia luxury tour a most enjoyable prospect. Check with Mam Holidays Ltd Private Tours on how you can customize your very own Cambodia tour package.

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